The power of a little paper boat!


I don’t think even the DCC were expecting our little blue sailing boat would make such a big splash with so many of you. I know we certainly didn’t. Thank you all for your positive feedback about our humble advertising campaign for ASe-i Smart DCC Communicator. We’re delighted you also liked the origami sailboats we sent you in the post. If we’ve got your attention and perhaps made you smile along the way, that’s great!

As you have probably gathered we’ve had a lot of fun with this advertising idea. We had no desire to bang on about our experience or that we’re the best value for money DCC adaptor on the market. If you’ve seen our presentation you already know this is true. We simply wanted to remind everyone it was time to make up your mind about which solution to choose – AND highlight the fact that: Not all DCC Adaptors are the same. 

Our advertising headline: “Don’t miss the boat!” also had a double meaning. Our ASe-i Smart DCC Communicator is available on a first come, first served basis. If I am honest, I never would have believed a campaign like this would be so effective in encouraging so many prospects to reconsider their purchase decision and ask us to meet with them – even just to compare our costs or benefit from our knowledge of the DCC requirement and implementation process.

“But why an origami sail boat?” You may well ask. To us, it seemed the perfect representation of everything our ASe-i DCC Communicator stands for: the simplicity of its design, the technical precision of its construction and the impressive end result. The analogies are almost endless. Simple, smart and clever. So yes, we have got something to shout about and yes if you’re not careful you can make the wrong decision. But it’s not too late to jump ship.

Our little paper boat campaign showed a market we have the guts as well as the ability to punch well above our weight and send our competitors running for their lifeboats. And if as a result, more of you get the DCC adaptor solution you deserve, then quite frankly I am all for more imagination and creativity in the way we communicate with each other.

Thanks again for your support.

Steve Powell

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