Smart Metering Business Orchestration – have you considered the true cost?

Real tunnel with high speed

When operational, the DCC will support a range of service requests, many of which will support Smart Meter interactions at a low level. However, there will be plenty of scenarios where energy suppliers will need to perform more complex groupings of pre-determined service requests in a fixed sequence in order to fulfil specific business functions.

There is nothing new to this concept, and it is seen as a must-have for most DCC participants, however our interactions with energy suppliers suggest that whilst they understand the need for such orchestrations, there hasn’t been great consideration given to which orchestrations may be relevant to their business needs. There are some pretty standard scenarios which most energy suppliers will be interested in; install & commission, change of supplier, prepay/credit switch to name a few. Likewise, cohort specific orchestrations such as firmware management will support more efficient ways of working. However, there will be many other business scenarios that are not yet apparent, and won’t be until energy suppliers start performing in-depth analysis of their current business processes, and how these can be streamlined to benefit from the capabilities Smart Meters introduce.

But for many energy suppliers, such analysis will not occur until after committing to procuring their DCC adaptor. This may be too late!

The challenge is simple (but the answer is somewhat less so); do you really understand the opportunities Smart Meters offer to change your business for the better and what capability your chosen DCC adaptor has to support orchestration specific to your business needs?

If not, then it would be advisable to ensure that the platform upon which your adaptor is built offers the flexibility to easily build and deploy your business specific orchestration needs, without a huge price tag. You may also wish to consider that the way you work now will continuously change as your organisation’s use of Smart Meters matures. This will undoubtedly result in the need for future change further down the line.

If you want to be lean, and stay ahead of the competition then you need the freedom to innovate, with agility, speed and low costs. If you want to understand more about these important choices, and how our solution, ASe-i, is built upon the most agile platform in the market, then we will be more than happy to talk to you.

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