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Benefits & Features

Future Proofing

Our software solution has a built-in anticipatory element in its design to ensure genuine future proofing, so we can continue to develop for and support all future regulatory enhancements. It's loosely coupled architecture and ease of integration leaves you free to innovate, without being constraine...
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Easy to Use

The impact of change is all too often ignored in the preparation of such software solutions. Our solution is easy to understand and apply at all levels. We also offer exceptional support and training.
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Fully Managed Service

Turnkey solutions should mean exactly that. Our fully managed service does. It also has an added dimension that you can choose which elements you need and which you do not want before you turn the key – saving you time and money.
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Best in Class

Our solution is the best in class because it has been specifically designed to be so: in its simplicity, ease of application and use, affordability and ongoing maintenance. Anything less would be unacceptable.
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Maximum Functionality

Ours is a complete solution that delivers the maximum relevant functionality. Along with full DUIS support, features include such as business orchestration, asset management, threshold & anomaly detection, error management, audit & reporting and a GUI application for simple message construct...
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Cost Effective

Our fully modular approach allows energy suppliers to choose the service elements they require. This minimises costs at every stage; set up, roll out and live service.
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Security by Design

All SEC user security obligations are designed into our solution. ASe-i delivers ISO27001 and ISO27005 compliance.
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One of ASe-i's fundamental strengths is flexibility. We have segmented our solution into logical modules to give the maximum flexibility and cost-efficiency. We can deliver a superior solution, not just in technical terms but also in its versatility and adaptability to suit you.
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Effortless rapid DCC access and high performance consistently achieved.
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