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Our unique insight into the current revolution in smart metering in the UK has enabled us to create our ground breaking DCC Communicator:

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Our solution manages all cryptographic processing, message variants, and controls. Secure DCC connectivity comes as standard, and we integrated with the Parse & Correlate module. We recognise that relevant SEC compliance cannot be achieved through technology alone. Consequently, we have made ASe-i simpler, smarter and easier to use than any other.

ASe-i is engineered to enable ease of ongoing compliance; a standard part of our offering is to take you through the compliance process and be with you at every step of your smart metering roll-out programme.

ASe-i also has the beauty of being built from the ground up, with security at its heart and simple integration. Its loosely coupled architecture removes the inflexibilities seen with those adaptors that come as part of a bundled set of products and which would be difficult to transition away from in the future. ASe-i leaves you free to innovate.

Its business orchestration, asset management and error handling capabilities are amongst some of the features that make ASe-i a serious proposition.



We offer a Free System Compatibility Check to prove ease of integration with ASe-i.
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