Government Smart Metering new timeline proposals out to consultation.

The Government’s £11bn smart metering plan is being reviewed, after the company in charge of the communications system for the devices warned it would not be ready in time. 

Energy suppliers were supposed to start the full national installation programme in late 2015, when a central communications system to handle data transfer between meters and suppliers was due to go live, and complete the roll-out by 2020.

However, the Data Communications Company (DCC) in charge of the system has now admitted there is “no feasible way to maintain the timescales of the current… plan”, after government officials changed the specifications, requiring parts of the system to be redesigned.

The company, run by outsourcing group Capita, is now proposing to delay the start date until as late as October 2016 and has said that the changes will add up to £90m in further costs.

A consultation on the proposed changes is being undertaken along with representatives from the energy industry in order to determine the most suitable option, balancing time, effort and risk.

Source: The Telegraph – 19th Nov.