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Aprose Solutions is a leading independent specialist in the GB Smart Metering market. Aprose Solutions new product, ASe-i, is a cutting edge DCC communicator solution to help everyone who is required to achieve relevant SEC compliance and DCC integration.

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Aprose Solutions is known for its thought leadership and its simple, smart solutions. We strive to ensure outstanding delivery, through pragmatism, practical hands-on implementation and dedicated support.

As part of the Aprose Group, the team shares the group’s collective 28 years experience of addressing complex issues and successfully delivering services and high quality consultancy to both the public and private sectors alike.

In addition, our professional services range from IT strategy through to systems operations, bringing our experience and expertise to this highly specialised market.

We are focused solely on delivering solutions that are “Best in Class”.



“Aprose DCC Communicator is as good as it gets – simple, fast and technically excellent”

As a team we love a challenge. We’d be delighted to meet with you and your team without obligation to discuss the challenges you are likely to face and share our expertise to help you successfully address them.

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