DCC Adaptor

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Aprose resources have been integral in the development of the emerging GB Smart Metering Solution, working alongside DECC. This includes key deliverables such as the end-to-end architecture, Great Britain Companion Specification, Parse & Correlate requirements and the testing strategy. This gives us a unique insight into the smart metering DCC adaptor challenges you face integrating with the DCC.

So, what is the best way for you to integrate with the DCC and ensure SEC compliance?  We believe you have four options:

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Invest in your own Solution – multi million pound R & D plus software development, testing, hosting, roll out, training, maintenance, management, support etc. This is a huge undertaking.

Pay for a one-size fits all service with significant upfront professional services and ongoing maintenance costs from one of the “usual suspects”, which may or may not meet some or all of your needs.

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Choose a DCC adaptor built on inflexible platforms, or which comes tightly bundled with other industry software.


Choose the smartest, most cost-efficient solution in the market. Loaded with rich functionality, our fully managed SEC compliant service aims to take away your pain, with the flexibility to keep you future proofed & free to innovate.

Have you considered all your options? 
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